Vitamin Shots

Custom-blended Vitamin Injections

b2b Wellness creates custom-blended vitamin injections that: Increase Energy, Burn Fat, Promote Detox, Enhance Athletic Performance, Cleanse the Liver, Reduce Stress, Alleviate Headaches, Control PMS, and much more.

Top Selling Vitamin Injections at b2b Wellness

The Energy Shot

  • Increase energy levels

  • Reduce stress

  • Promote healthy blood cells

  • Detoxifier

The Skinny-B Shot ™

  • Reduce Fatigue

  • Control Weight

  • Increases Energy

  • Metabolize and Burn Fat

  • Emulsifies Cholesterol

The Ultimate Immunity Shot

  • Assists in slowing down the replication of viruses

  • Natural Booster during Cold & Flu season

  • Improves Immunity

  • Stimulate Defense System

  • Promotes Detoxification

B2B Wellness Center LLC.

Additional Vitamins & Amino Acids to Add to Any Shot

  • N-acetylcysteine (NAC): Anti-inflammatory, Liver & Kidney detoxifier (IV, IM)

  • Glutathione: Antioxidant & Detoxifier (IV Only)

  • L-Carnitine: Increase exercise performance, Oxidize fatty acids, boost energy levels. It also helps improve cognition (IV, IM)

  • L-Arginine: Increases Nitric Oxide & stimulates the pituitary to produce natural human growth hormone (IV, IM)

  • Taurine: Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, Improve blood flow (IV, IM)

  • Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid): Antioxidant and Immune booster (IV, IM)

  • Vitamin B-Complex: Promotes cell health and prevents infections and vitamin deficiency.

  • Vitamin D3: Supports Immune health and Muscle Function (IM only)

  • Dexpanthenol: Maintains normal GI activity (IV, IM)

  • NAD+: Promote health at the mitochondrial level (IV, IM, and Nasal)

  • LIPO MIC - Fat burner and Weight Control (IV, IM)

Natural Injections

  • Athlete Shot: Relieves muscle pain, joint pain, and sports injuries.

  • Joint Shot: Relieves symptoms of pain, joint stiffness, and nerve pain.

  • PMS Shot: Relieves muscles spasms anywhere in the body: Effective for abdominal cramp and menstrual cramp relief.

  • Detox Shot: A great liver detoxifier helping to eliminate toxins that enter the body. It's also given to those who are in a constant state of inflammation.

Note: We highly recommend you take our Micronutrient Deficiency Test to allow us to use a targeted vitamin therapy approach to promote optimal health. Know exactly what to take and when to take it!

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